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by Shakespeares 06 Jul 2016, 15:39
You can any Soke bound dolmus to the roundabout but I doubt if its any cheaper or even a time saver. I do NOT recommend hitch hiking, its not a Turkish habit, and the cost of a dolmus from Soke otogar to Priene is hardly going to break the bank!
by Scousemouse 29 Jul 2016, 12:49
We have visited Pamukkale and Ephesus in previous years but we may give Sirince a try, thanks for posting everyone.
Thank you Bugsy, the tip about the yellow bus is most helpful
by Scousemouse 15 Oct 2016, 10:14
Just an update - I was a bit disappointed with the walking possibilities around Altinkum, we walked along from the Tuntas Beach but a few minutes later had to divert around the Palm Wings resort and from there on it was just a bit barren and featureless from what we are used to on the south coast, the only trees were in the first few minutes. We made an afternoon's walk around the bays but it hasn't a lot to recommend it, perhaps in the spring when the wild flowers are out.
Getting to Didyma was simple, just up the road.
Well, we made it to Miletus but were not able to take the hourly yellow bus to Balat, no ticket no ride. We asked around but no one knew where to buy the tickets and having been there for over an hour and a half had almost given up. I was handed a phone by a local bus man, it was an elderly dolmus driver from Balat who spoke a little English and said he would come and pick us up in 30 minutes for a set price, drop us off and collect us again. So that's what we did, hired our own dolmus and a fine afternoon out was had by all!
We went to Priene from Soke while we were staying in Kusadasi, easy - we started off in Eski Doganbey and then took a dolmus to Gullubahce and walked up to Priene, an interesting day out.
I will be ever grateful to the local people as I left my camera on the wall in Gullubahce but didn't even know. The woman in the shop opposite must have seen it, phoned the dolmus driver (they always know the number), he spoke to a student at the back who had enough English to say my photograph machine had been left behind and to stay on the bus. We thought as we sat on the bus that we would have to go back on the next run but another dolmus driver brought it back for me an hour later. All this had gone on without any intervention from me, I was very grateful to get it back and for all their phone calls. As I have always said, in Turkey anything is possible. Thanks for all the advice.
by durham rader 16 Oct 2016, 10:29
:D what a great result for you nice to hear more positive posts about Turkey. Something similar happened to us on our first visit to Altinkum we were in what is Toy bar now, we had a few drinks and asked to pay our bill . as we were walking away about 20mts we were chased after by one of the bar staff shouting ,My first thought was someone had not payed there bill, but no our son had left his wallet on the table and the lad was returning it .So we also had a good result :D

RAchel /DERrick. To far North to be English and to far South to be Scottish.
by elizaflint 16 Oct 2016, 11:54
I do think you can find real long-term friendships among Turkish people in Altinkum, people remember me from years back, that is so nice to know. Of course if it is someone from a restaurant where you would often eat, it might have a bit to do with business as well, but one does not exclude the other, it is how it should be.


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