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by Juco 19 Jun 2016, 19:26

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by Shakespeares 24 Jun 2016, 20:15
There is a dolmus to Balat Koy but Miletos is a further 2km from there by road, or 1km from the back of the village but you must know the road - we lived in the village so we know. There was never a dolmus from either Didim or Balat to Priene, you have to go to Soke and catch another to Gulubahce and beyond. Worth it though.
by Scousemouse 02 Jul 2016, 09:29
Thank you, most useful. A walk of 2Km is not a problem, I assume we just get off on the main road at the village and return there to go back to Didim.
From where do we get the dolmus to Balat, does it come down to Altinkum and is it fairly frequent?
I can now see the photos, quite impressive.
by Shakespeares 02 Jul 2016, 14:50
The dolmus to Balat used to go from the parking by the roundabout at Cumhurriet/Attaturk and went each hour, we haven't been there for a year so it has probably changed a few times since then. Worth trying there first. Get off in the village centre and ask for the back road, (kucuk yol Milet'a) its a lot prettier than the main tar road!
by Scousemouse 02 Jul 2016, 16:19
Will cetainly do that and probably try the Soke route too although we could also go there from Kusadasi I suppose as we stay there after Didim.
by Bugsy 03 Jul 2016, 07:15
I you are also staying in Kusadasi, you should go and visit the wild boar on beaches here:-

Sirince village is lovely & produces some wonderful wines you can sample at different shops:-
From here you can visit The St John Baptist Church.

The House of Virgin Mary is also near to here I believe:-

Hope you have a great holiday.
by Shakespeares 03 Jul 2016, 17:16
The Virgin Mary's house is in the hills above Efes, quite a nice visit, particularly if you are a believer. Very easy from Kusadasi.
I must disagree about Sirinci though, we all thought it was grotty as hell, a real tatty tourist rip-off and waste of time. As for the wines - I would stick with Bulgarian if I was you. Only our opinion.
A little way away but well worth it are both Pamukkale and Afrodisias, terrific!
by Juco 03 Jul 2016, 17:25
As for the wines - I would stick with Bulgarian if I was you

I enjoyed the walkabout in Sirinci, but the wines in my opinion I suspect the sample they let you taste are far superior to the bottles they sell you.
The one we sampled was quite nice the bottle we bought was awful.

by Bugsy 05 Jul 2016, 07:12
Just found out from a friend that you can get a bus almost to Prienne from Altinkum.
"Take yellow bus no.273 from Didim to Soke & ask to get off at junction to Prienne. Here you can wait for the Dolmus from Soke to Prienne or thumb a lift."
I believe you need to buy a pass for these yellow buses though as they don't take cash.

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