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by nickilou78 16 Jun 2016, 19:28
Not sure if I am doing this right as I have only ever posted once before. However I will be moving to Altinkum permanently in August. I am looking for a Turkish tutor to teach a 13 and 8 year old boy through July and August in the Didim area. please get in touch if you know anyone?
by annabelle 16 Jun 2016, 20:14
Hi Nicki
Bev a member on here is a Turkish tutor she doent post much now but if you go on members and look for her profile you can email or private message her .probably email is better Ann

 Username: leylaasena
 Location: Turkey
 Age:
 Occupation: Private Turkish Tutor
 Interests: Sailing,shopping,teaching, swimming,socialising,sunbathing,reading,knitting(badly!).

 Forename: Beverley

 Surname: Cakmakci

 City: Altınkum
by nickilou78 16 Jun 2016, 22:21
Thank you Annanelle, I have already contacted Beverley and she only teaches adults
by Lou 21 Jun 2016, 20:58
It is possible to get say a 3 month course in the UK which will give you the basics, I did one in Edinburgh and I found it very useful when visiting Turkey as it allowed basic conversation with correct pronunciation.

Worth considering.


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