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by jollypolly 06 Jul 2016, 18:17
I found out last week when I closed my tl interest account . and changed it back to uk pound. that I could open an interest account. @ 1.8 % so until the brexit thing is sorted and interest rates are stable, I have decided to leave it it uk interest account in turkey. I am just mentioning this so other people will know.
it can be done if they are thinking about changing there money back. I did get my investement back and a little more. last week when the pound dropped. looks like it has dropped a little futher grrrrrr
by scottie 06 Jul 2016, 21:25
I don't know about other banks but Garanti Bank charges a monthly fee for a £ sterling account.
Could end costing more than interest earned.
by jollypolly 07 Jul 2016, 07:52
mine is with hsbc, in a 32 day account with no charges, I printed the contract out but there was no charge
its an internet account. so I can bring it back to uk. as and when. yes I will loose that monhs interest if I bring it back before the 32 days are up so maybe that would be worth looking at with gurante bank
by siobhan 10 Jul 2016, 11:26
Thanks for putting up this topic. I too am keeping a close eye on exchange rates. When I sold my apartment around 2011 I got 2.5 lira to the pound. So over the last number of years I have lost a considerable amount due to this. As the rate is now a bit lower it is beginning to make back a bit. Even with an interest rate of approx 10% it is nowhere near what it should be worth even with the interest added. So I am trying to wait till pound drops further.
by jollypolly 10 Jul 2016, 19:54
I too havent got back the amount I would have had, the exchange rates been what they were. like you I bought at 2.9 % but I decide once I got my initial investment back. would be satisfied, so rather than risk another risk I drew my money. now my mind is at rest.

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