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by rathmill 30 Oct 2009, 11:05
Veronica- blimey your memory is better than mine !
we lived 2 doors above the shops at no 47 hawthorn ave
primrose street is just off the road at the top of spring hill school maybe charter street?
my inlaws were called bannister who were well known as window cleaners in spring hill

by Ronsgame 31 Oct 2009, 08:57
The Bowling Green belonged to the Spring Hill Working Men's Club, opposite the roundabout at the top of Lonsdale Street.

Upon reflection, I used to have a cousin who lived in Primsrose Street but that was when I was younger and cannot remember her name. I also had a Great-Aunt who lived in Willows Lane, in one of the houses with the long gardens Spring Hill I think, finished at Fairfield Street. The land area of Spring Hill was owned by a family called Pickup. They were quite rich. We were not short of money but they WERE rich. The pub on the corner of Moscow Mill Street was so named after them. The Pickup's Arms!! Our garage was inside the walls behind the pub, actually, next to the wall. Long time ago though. There used to be a chip shop at the top of Sharples Street (where my friend Marjori Sedgewick lived - if anyone possibly knows her could they please let me know as I have tried to find her but with no luck) and another one at the bottom of Spring Street.
Talking about Rists, I remember, as a child (Yes, I really was one!) the factory was Burys. When I used to be in bed, I could hear the clatter of clogs on the pavement as the weavers walked down to work. It may have been a hard life for a lot of people but the world itself was a lot better.

Hawthorn Avenue - the flat I lived in was above the bottom part. Not the launderette end. Quite a few years ago actually. It's nice have this Thread to look forward to.

I really am enjoying these memories.


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by Ronsgame 31 Oct 2009, 09:07
Carl - do not worry about putting the photos on this, the title is Veronica's Views which is my own section.
You see, I used to be the Editor of The Didymian Newspaper here in Didim and (long story) one day, I was no longer the Editor. The lovely people on the Forum suggested that I start Veronica's Views to air my opinions. I did but then started to have problems with my computer and modem, so I sort of lost the will to put 'fingers to keyboard'. I must start again, it will be a case of Moi putting my own opinions down and getting things off my chest. If people do not agree with them then are entitled to voice their own opinions. So, you see, no need to apologise for photos, which I really enjoyed by the way.


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by carlnsharon 01 Nov 2009, 20:32
Ps following your post earlier about the weather it is blowing a gale and the rain is coming down sideways (if thats not a contradiction), pretty warm for this time of year though.
by Ronsgame 01 Nov 2009, 20:52
Are we both singing from the same hymnsheet???? Don't remember talking about the rain on here.


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by carlnsharon 03 Nov 2009, 10:05
There's a freezing cold wind that would cut you with a knife (as my Mother used to say). Warmest place is bed.

Sorry Veronica I read that many topics I sometimes get befuddled. :D

by Ronsgame 04 Nov 2009, 09:09
Carl, I have found that when one gets a little older, one can easily get confused!!!! :roll:

Mind you, talking about the weather here (not THERE) I must say that last night, it piddled down. It really started late afternoon. All night the wind howled. We had a large cat box and two watering cans (one large and one small) on the balcony, they ended up over at the opposite side, against the railings because of the wind. This morning it was still raining, with thunder and lightning. I suppose it IS Autumn so we cannot expect brilliant weather now.

Weather Forecast ended :!: :!:


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by Bill H 23 Oct 2015, 18:13
We started out with a couple of beautiful Siamese cats back in 1972, I,Do not know what went wrong, but some 40 years later we are still paying a small fortune to keep our wonderful flock together, whether they be 2, 3 or 4 legged stroppy little? or just simply very colorful characters I do not understand, BUT they are our masters, and we are but their servants

Signing off as Bankrupt of Broadstairs
by Bill H 02 Dec 2015, 10:35
Sad to say, but we lost another on Saturday, he was such a quiet horse, never rushed around or made a fuss, always loved his food and his snacks. Now his two mates seem a little lost, the three of them were nearly always together, waiting to mug me for their snacks.
We are still playing the waiting game with the other two, both are well into their 30s (to translate into human terms, multiply by 3).
I just hope that they do not decide to call it quits whilst we are in Altinkum 2016.

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