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by Aarhus9 21 Feb 2018, 16:51
Shortly we are about to lose our communal internet service from which we normally use the wifi.
We want to get our own internet service installed at our Villa and now that we will be spending a lot of time there we also wanted to get a TV service set up.
TV is something we haven't bothered too much about previously and we used to watch via Film on TV until they started charging for it.
We would like to pick up on UK television programmes and Eurosport.
Does anyone know of the best way at present to get internet /TV service.
I am not bothered about doing it all legal and paying for it, but I do have a Amazon fire stick and I have heard these can be used for TV service once you have the internet set up.
Our neighbours have had just the internet connected by 'MERT' and I believe he is a decent supplier.
Any ideas or advice would be most welcome.
by ted j 21 Feb 2018, 17:07
We have wifi with Nevzat Kayali (he's on facebook)
We can pay monthly (if you are not here just tell him and he'll cut it off till you return if you contact him beforehand )
We get good speeds generally and use an android box for TV,
We use Mobdro for films and UK TV and while US tv programmes don't buffer , sometimes at peak hours the UK ones do (nothing to do with wifi speed, it's the UK servers )
Setup is around 350 lira (may have gone up now though,) that includes your 1st month's wifi then 40 lira a month (peanuts compared to the UK)
by Duke 21 Feb 2018, 22:30
Ahmet at SkyMert up in yenishir is very good I highly recommend him !! Great prompt service & was only 350 set up which included first months fee!! Then 30 lire a month ....

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by Tommo 23 Feb 2018, 14:09
Hi Duke I also got him to put are MERT system in last year and he was very neat with the wiring it was not all over the place like some do and the price is as you say can't beat it I hope to bring over a Q BOX this year and link it up Can't wait for April to escape this weather bye for now Tom :D :D
by Lyn 24 Feb 2018, 07:45
Thanks guys. I thought that only TTNet supplied internet connections as they have the monopoly. Does Mert get his supply from them.

The main thing we need really is to get a programme for our Android/Kodi box so we can get the UK channels again. It was all OK until a few weeks ago when we lost UKTVTurks (the one with an icon that looked like a Turkish Delight wrapper).

Exodus is still working so we can get quite a lot of films/TV series etc. from there, it's the live stuff we're missing.

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by Derekfrizzel 07 Mar 2018, 21:06
Lynn - i am not sure if you are aware there is a dedicated Facebbok page for Kodi users who stay in the Didim area. Log onot Facebook and do a search on the below name and ask to join.

KODI / XBMC users Didim & Akbuk Turkey

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