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by Bugsy 20 Sep 2018, 08:24
Mert has been around for years & provides Wi-fi & TV packages.
There is a 3rd one called something like Didim Wifi or Betanet?

Also you have TTNET/Turk Telecom providing the wired service & all the phone companies providing a Mi-fi package for phone users which works on SIM card like a phone.

It really depends which has the best signal in your area & which mast you are closest to, so probably best to ask advise from your near neighbours.

In Yesiltepe, 1 end had a better signal from Nevzat as he put a mast at that end, but the other end got their signal through Betanet? as they had a mast at the TOKI flats on the Bodrum road. A few went with Mert.

Good Luck.
by oldfogy 02 Oct 2018, 10:39
Yes there is also Didim Wi-Fi, who is or was the in partnership with Nevsat.
Best thing is to ask a neighbor who they use and how they rate them, not forgetting bandwidth is split between customers so the more customers sometimes the lower bandwidth speed.

Nevsat = 40TL/Month
Onur Mert = 35TL/month
Didim WiFi = ? but probably 40TL/month

The trouble with the Phone-line companies such as TTN is having to have a phone line with a monthly rental, but I have heard that there is also a thing call a holiday tourist package.

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