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by mulberryhouse40 03 Oct 2018, 09:21
Does anyone have any information about the purchase of a second hand car here. What are the restrictions. Is ownership easy to obtain.

by ted j 03 Oct 2018, 14:07
Sorry, don't know about the legal stuff of owning , but you will have to either get a Turkish driving licence if here for more than 6 months (where you need to provide an original school leaving certificate),or go to Kos every 6 months to get a new stamp in your passport
by Bugsy 05 Oct 2018, 07:46
Ownership exchange takes place at Notary with a Legal Translator (we used Sami Isik next door to Notary 1).
It is simple to do, if your address matches at all the offices like the tax office, otherwise computers have to be updated - this can cause a delay in purchasing/selling.
In order to buy or sell a car, you must have a Residency Permit.
If purchasing from a foreigner, the car will already have Foreign (MA/MB) number plates, but if purchasing from a Turkish person, you may have to go to Aydin to obtain these plates for vehicle.
The persons named on the ownership document are the only persons legally allowed to drive the vehicle, so you have to ensure both husband & wife are named & insured if both wish to drive. (can be joint with anyone!)
You will have to buy Police Insurance for the car as a minimum, but you can also buy top-up insurance.
Tax can be paid for yearly or half-yearly in January & July. (No part-years sold or refunded!)
The purchaser usually on agreement pays the expenses at the Notary (legally I think it's 50/50)

That is my knowledge up to a year ago, so hope nothing much has changed!!!
Hope this helps - please ask here, or speak to Sami if you require further info.

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