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by carlnsharon 28 Oct 2009, 09:13
Hi Veronica

Yes there is still the sulphurous smell at the top of New Lane now and again, must be the same company as you remember. Yes James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny in Stanhill about 200 yards away from where I live (just off Thwaites Road) and was run out of town by the luddites:



I was amazed the last time we were in Altinkum. We were sat in 'The Crown' and I got talking to a 'Welsh' guy who was sat next to me. We got talking about where we were from. He said he had a pub in Wales, I said 'we are from Oswaldtwistle but you won't know where that is'. He replied 'oh yes I do I was born and bread there', he had lost his accent along the way but it turned out he lived four doors up from where we now live. What a coincidence I thought.

Then a couple sitting next to him said, 'sorry to but in but we overheard your conversation and we are from Oswaldtwistle as well!' I couldn't believe it. They had just left the 'Hare and Hounds' pub at the bottom of Thwaites Road and had been in Altinkum for a couple of months furnishing their villa and to top it all Sharons uncle John had brought them to the airport!

I put another couple of lines on the lottery that week :D .

by rathmill 28 Oct 2009, 17:22
hi carl wherabouts off thwaites road do you live, my mother lives on newbury close, i went to st pauls school on union rd and accrington grammar

by carlnsharon 29 Oct 2009, 09:09
Hi Ray

We live on Cardigan Avenue. Sharon (formerlay Leigh) has lived in Oswaldtwistle all her life but I am an 'incomer' ;) .

Sharon went to St Andrews Primary and Rhyddings.

by Ronsgame 29 Oct 2009, 09:55
Well I never. Really small world. Here we are, thinking that there would be hardly anyone from that part of the world and....Walla!!!!

My Mother's doctor was Dr. O'Connor and his surgery was on Union Road, next to St. Paul's School. I (as I have said before) was born in Liverpool but bred in Accrington - Spring Hill to be precise, which is just down Moscow Mill Street, as you will know, near enough to Union Road. My friends were Christine and Peter Butler who lived in the street running down by the doctor's surgery but just off-hand, I cannot remember the name, it was long time ago.

I was a member of St. Mary's Operatic Society later on in life but went to Foxhill Grove Methodist Church in Union Road and Foxhill Bank Church on Moscow Mill Street when growing up. Garth Dawson (photographer) had a little shop at the other side of St. Paul's School. It was Garth's Father who started his business there and Garth just took over later on. Now he has the shop up Little Blackburn Road. (Well, he did have when I was last there)

Talking about Thwaites Road, when I was a teenager, I used to play football on the football pitch across the road from the Semi-Detatched houses.

This is great, reminising about old times.

Next year, we are going to have to arrange a 'get-together' over here for all the people who came from that area and really have a chat about old times.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by carlnsharon 29 Oct 2009, 10:16

Get together sounds a great idea. We are out in July next year so will have plenty of time to arrange a meet up. We will be out with our daughter and two grand daughters.

Jessica (6) our grand daughter goes to Rhyddings Methodist Church and is a member of the Girls Brigade there.

Garth Dawsons was bought out by another Photographer Reg Whittam in 1992 and has a studio in Accrington now just adjacent to the bus station.

I have lived in Mellor, Samlesbury, Darwen and Oswaldtwistle but I must admit to preferring Oswaldtwistle as it has a real feeling of community and a village rather than town feel.

by carlnsharon 29 Oct 2009, 10:25
Sorry to anyone who isn't interested but there are a few pictures of Oswaldtwistle below:

Rhyddings Park:

War memorial:

Stanhill Pub:

Union Road looking towards the war memorial (the bus is in the way :D ):

by Ronsgame 29 Oct 2009, 11:07
Ah.. the famous Tinker Brook, where my Grandfather threatened; every time we walked past it, to throw me in. He did not know I had this 'thing' about water. Stupid me, did not realise that it was so shallow, with rocks.

Rhyddings Street, as shown in the photo with the bus: my Great-Grandmother had a house about half-way up on the left hand side. She was the Deputy Registrar of Birth, Marriages and Deaths in Oswaldtwistle. Strange, my daughter is now the same but in Accrington. Haven't the trees grown at the back of the War Memorial? In Rhyddings Park, we used to roll down the grassy slope, sometimes in our Sunday Clothes!!!!! Parents, not happy!! I once got a hole in one on the Putting Green. I wandered around, looking for the ball, could not find it and, by chance just peeked into the 18th hole and there it was, laying back, looking relaxed was my ball. Yippee!!!! I suppose the tennis court is still there. Did not like that because it was not grass, just red hardcore. It hurt if you fell and believe you me, I was very good at falling, still am actually.

Apart from the fact that at my age I am reverting slowly (naturally) back to my childhood as a matter of course, talking about all of the above is suddenly jetting me there. Whoa.. hold on. Happy to go!!! Thanks very much for the lovely photos.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by rathmill 29 Oct 2009, 19:44
veronica, carl and sharon,
When i lived in oswaldtwistle we lived in a semi on hawthorn ave my parents bought it new in 1968 for £1999.00!
we used to play on st marys field and the park off moscow mill street next to paddock house school
my best friend lived on Eddleston street just off Lonsdale street
my wife comes from spring hill (primrose street)
my mother in law used to work near moscow mill sreet in a massive factory called Rists wire and cable
We used to drink in the Plough on Fielding lane
my sister in law lives on Ryddings street
i think the Tinker and Budget pub(great name lousy pub) in the picture has closed down

by Ronsgame 29 Oct 2009, 20:13
Ray - I grew up in Sharples Street. My Great Uncle lived in a house on Stevenson Street which broke through Eddleston Street. Actually, Elizabeth and Exchange Streets are nearer to Lonsdale Street. Eddleston is third from Moscow Mill Street, with Spring Street and Spring Hill Road following on from Moscow Mill Street. BOY - as the saying goes, the older one gets, the more one can remember the old days - yesterday Nah!! Lang Bridges is on Stevenson Street. My three children went to St. Mary's School, which, at one time was on Moscow Mill Street and then moved to where it is now. I once lived in Hawthorne Avenue, above the shops just past the Church. My friend lived in one of the semis, her name was Renie and her husband was Angus (cannot remember her surname.)
Rists used to be Bury's Weaving Factory. Renie's Mother, Aunt and Grandma all worked there and I used to be terrified when we went into see them. It was the arm that swung out to greet(?) one that did it.

I do remember the name Primrose Street but cannot place it in Spring Hill.


Live Simply. Love Generously. Care Deeply.
by carlnsharon 30 Oct 2009, 08:42
Lucas Rist Wires factory was demolished about 6 years ago and a housing estate built on the site. The old bowling club that was next to Rists has also been demolished about a year ago.

Tinker and budget is still going strong and is still as you say a lousy pub by all accounts.


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