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by Jan 29 Oct 2015, 15:41
Time to upgrade to a new one, previously had Tom Tom which was ok but sometimes a bit temperamental. Will be wanting full Europe maps. Anyone any recommendations or pitfalls on any models, also it must be user friendly :? :x :lol:
Thanks jan
by oldfogy 29 Oct 2015, 17:32
Sorry no recommendation as such, but I have only ever used TomTom (v1) and TBH if I were to replace it, then it would be with another TomTom.
Although quite a lot of the time in the UK, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco I have found the SatNav (Here Maps) on my Nokia phone did exactly all and what I needed it to do, which was both in walking or also in driving mode.

As for being a bit temperamental, that just depends on what you mean by temperamental, because I would think all makes will throw a wobbly at some time or other, and as for accuracy well again most of that comes down to the driver and interpreting the instructions properly/logically.

I don't know about other manufacturers, but don't forget that the TomTom maps now come with a lifetime update.
by Jan 30 Oct 2015, 15:03
Thanks for the feedback, didn't realise the maps are updated for free so that's a bonus. Mine just seemed to take forever picking up the sats and on many occasions have driven up to 20 mins before the signal kicks in. I probably will go with Tom Tom again but was curious about the Garmin sat navs.
by oldfogy 30 Oct 2015, 15:24
I don't want to say that only TomTom are now doing free lifetime map updates as that may not be accurate, but I just like them.

With your old/existing unit have you done a update with using the computer and TomTom's 'TomTom HOME 2' software?
It's a free download from the TomTom site, just download/install it, plug your TomTom into the computer, then just get the Home 2 program to check for any updates (IF it doesn't do it automatically that is)

Depending on which computer operating system (OS) you are using, go to No1 then follow the link for your OS. ... /a_id/7926

Even if using pirated maps it will still work, (god forbid anyone on here would do such a thing though)

The other thing you can try is to update the GPS setting.
Again you should be able to get the file from the TomTom download section.

The deatails are: -
A quick start with TomTom QuickGPSfixâ„¢

Your TomTom device uses the signals of at least 4 satellites to find out where you are. To start navigating, it needs to know exactly where each satellite is.
So start your journey faster with TomTom QuickGPSfixâ„¢.

This clever service speeds up the time it takes to fix your GPS position, helping you to set off within 30 seconds - even when the GPS signal is weak or partially blocked.

TomTom QuickGPSfix Update Tool


1. Plug TomTom into USB and run QuickGPSfix_Update.exe
2. You can run this tool directly from the desktop or TomTom device.
by Jan 30 Oct 2015, 20:04
Great info there, thank you oldfogy :D

by oldfogy 30 Oct 2015, 21:27
Actually I just realised, maybe TomTom's free map life-time update is due to the detailed conversation I had just after I bought my Satnav (only ever bought the one) when I then discovered a new map was released just a couple of weeks later and I didn't think it right that I should have to pay full price for a new map, when I then had a good discussion with regards to a discount on a percentage scale of how long a person had purchased their unit, although at the time I never got any where, but a lot of emails were exchanged with what I thought would be a decent percentage discount on a pro-rata basis of how long it had been purchased.
by oldfogy 31 Oct 2015, 14:15
Just out of coincidence, today I received a email from TomTom reminding me of the free satnav update, which will in my case as it's a old system be mainly for the 'GPS Quickfix' update.

If you do decide to register etc, then just as a matter of interest, you DO NOT get bombarded with emails from TomTom, but yes maybe just one every so often. ... l_campaign

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