For non Turkey related matters that do not fit elsewhere
by ted j 09 Feb 2016, 15:29
Does anybody have the contact details of either an English electrician, or a Turk who speaks REALLY good English
I need a simple job doing and some advice with maybe more work if what I think is possible , is actually feasible
by Juco 09 Feb 2016, 17:09
Ted I would go to one of the DIY electrical forums and put it to them what you want done and what to look out for. Then when you contact an electrician ask them to detail how they are going to do it...then compare.
I have done this in the UK for a few `tradesman` type jobs so I know what to look out for when they quote.

by ted j 09 Feb 2016, 17:54
I know what to look out for Stan
Kath switched on the outside the front door light and there was a bang and it threw a circuit breaker , I left the circuit breaker off and investigated behind the switch (it's a bank of 6 switches for all the downstairs lights with loads of wires inside) ......All seemed well, there was no sign of any bare parts in the wiring or burnt wiring as you would expect , so we checked the bulb, put the switch down again and threw the circuit breaker......nothing happened, all the rest of the switches worked fine, but no power to the outside light
I know all the wiring for that light goes up to one of those plastic covers above a kitchen unit and then one of the live feeds to the light, goes outside, but the wires in the "junction box" are nearly all the same colour and it needs a multimeter (think that's what it's called) to check which wire should be live when the switch is on and then trace the wiring to the live supply outside and sort it

I also want some advice about the bulbs in the crap downlighters ....We have 9 in the living room and 10 in the kitchen , we put all new bulbs in last year and every few days one blows (we now have only 2 remaining in the living room and 3 in the kitchen area)
The reason I wanted an English guy is I'd be able to explain exactly what I wanted to know....can we just change the bulbs for led's or would we need a transformer fitted and what wattage of led would give us a decent light without it looking like an aircraft runway

Then there is the pool lights
We had problems with the transformer blowing due to water in the lights last year (the rubbers probably perished as they were in hot sunlight for a few years, so we are having led's in there this year)
To turn the pool lights on you had to go down the steps and switch them on from there (the electrics there are under a concrete overhang to avoid getting wet when water condenses and drips from the PVC cover when you lift it up ).... I actually got an outdoor switch and remoted it to just under the PVC surround but again it got water condesing and dripping on it so I made a cover from a piece of cut in half lengthways drain pipeing , siliconing it over the switch which does work but ideally, the switch should be indoors in the main circuit box (the outside wall lights are there)
Now the guy who was doing our pool last year (i was incapacitated due to breaking my femur) told us an electrician would be able to do this (how I don't know as the feed to the pump room goes through a heavy duty plastic pipe (whether it would be possible to "shimmy" another supply alongside the existing wire I don't know)
We can't use the existing switch in the main circuit box which switches on the pump, as we have a timer fitted to the pump supply and if we interfere too much the timer (although battery backed up) will eventually go wrong

This is why I want and English speaker
by Juco 09 Feb 2016, 20:27
Yes I remember your posting re the swimming pool lights.

You can get straight swaps to LED as I have some in a couple of table lamps.
I also at the end of last year replaced some halogen for LEDs in the shower room, the other half wanted it is bright, I used 2 by 6" square LED panels that are a flush fit on the ceiling, they are 12 watts each and outshine the 3 x 50w halogens. They have transformers. You also need to be careful as there are variations for dimmer switches etc.

I will be replacing the 9 halogens in the kitchen for LEDs sometime this year, she wants that bright as well so likely 5 x 12 watt panels = 60watts compared to 450 watts for the halogens.

by elizaflint 10 Feb 2016, 11:01
You sound like an ideal husband, Juco, hope the lights work out!

by oldfogy 10 Feb 2016, 11:45
As Juco said, yes you can get direct replacements, and just as a matter of interest (if it needs be) the transformers are commonly called/known as 'DRIVERS' yes something else we seem to have adopted from some far off country.

As for dragging a additional cable through the existing conduit, then yes in theory their should be enough space, unless the original electrician didn't leave the required space as recommended by the industry for heat loss etc, (but that's in the UK and you are talking Turkey)

However, I said in last years thread, you can get weather proof switches and also remote control switches, the latter may not seem to be the cheapest option but would probably work out the cheapest in the long run.

Be very careful if wanting to use a dimmer switch on LEDs as they are not all compatible for dimmers, you have to get specific LED dimmable lamps.

Main problem with a remote control switch could be the distance and the signal getting through the concrete floor.
by Juco 10 Feb 2016, 13:17
You sound like an ideal husband, Juco, hope the lights work out!

I think so :-) Wife maybe has other opinions.

I am in the final stages of a shower room revamp a complete rip out of walls and new ceiling, New lights, shower, shower tray, wall tiles, floor tiles, extractor fan and expensive shower board for the shower enclosure.
I only agreed to do this 3 years back and started around October 2015. the electrics were my main problem but a member on this forum talked me through various issues to get it resolved, anyhow the elecs and ceiling took me over a month to complete and all tiling finished early January. The next couple of days will be cutting and fitting the shower board and the job will be done, the showerboard caused another slight delay as I had to wait 7 weeks for delivery, so not my fault it took 3 years :-)

My total cost so far should be just under £1500. Thats net as I recouped £60 selling the old electric shower and the shower enclosure and sink.


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