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by Shakespeares 23 Feb 2016, 18:43
Just a thought since all that is happening lately and "Is Turkey safe?"

Does Britain have any right to be involved in the internal affairs of other countries, even if it thinks the governments of those countries are wrong? I ask this now as there seems to be a popular complaint that Europe has no right to be involved with Britain. Could this be a little hypocritical perhaps?
by annabelle 23 Feb 2016, 20:41
Cant recall us interfering much in the internal affairs of any EU country were as the EU Brussels has interfered a lot with our affairs .
When prominent MPs say that they are wasting there time in government when their hands are tied when trying to make changes and we cant deport foreign murderers and villains and remove British citizenship from them because the EU human rights court say it affects there rights to family life this cant be right we need to be able to control our own country and who stays and who goes .

The one massive interference and mistake we made was IRAQ and getting rid of Sadam Hussain this i feel was the catalyst to the problems we are all facing now . :evil: Ann
by prover 23 Feb 2016, 21:03
I think your post is naïve and simplistic Shakespeares. "The right to interfere", what does this actually mean. We did nothing in Syria, and plenty in Iraq. Which one was right. What ever the outcome in the EU, all countries will all have to engage one way or the other for trade etc.
The UK declared war on Germany in 1939 to protect Poland and subsequently all Europe -- was this right or wrong, or should we have just let Europe become Uber Deutschland.
by elizaflint 25 Feb 2016, 18:57
If international organisations such as the UN took action against tyrants, we would not need to. Their inaction is pretty shameful.
It is no good thinking that if you do nothing, the problem will go away - instead it gets worse as the tyrants test the limits and find there aren't any.
As regards Saddam, he was committing genocide, that is an international war crime and cannot be simply ignored. He would be dead now anyway, so there would be trouble and unrest in Iraq as people struggled for the succession.
The trouble is, we have lost our confidence in international affairs, I am quite ashamed of that.


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