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by Bugsy 03 Sep 2016, 07:17
I need to purchase something in EURO's shortly, but as I do not follow the euro currency, I am getting a bit confused with the exchange rates & wondered if anyone who follows it can help me??

If I was wanting to change TL to £, I know that I would want it to be nearer 3.5 than 4tl to the £.

Therefore, can someone please advise what sort of range I would be looking at to keep an eye on the EURO for a few weeks??

I have had a quick look at a graph on 1 of the exchange websites & have found a range from about 2.96tl - 3.40tl which seems to be quite a high range to me, so would like to try & get some advice from anyone that has followed the TL/EURO exchange rates.

Many thanks in anticipation of your help.
by Juco 03 Sep 2016, 08:25
Should you not be looking at this the other way round.
Currently 1 TL = .304 Euro
Euro to TL = 3.29

I dont know exact rates but normally you only lose a few points in the conversion.

by Bugsy 03 Sep 2016, 11:35
I think you're probably right Juco, which is why I am confusing myself!!

Trouble is, I know how many Euros I need & wanted to know how many TL it would cost me, so started looking the other way round!!

Just thought there may have been someone on here who moved to a EURO country & converted money to buy there & they would be able to advise.

I actually feel a bit stupid asking the question, but the more I look at it, the more confused I get.

Thanks anyway though. X
by Juco 03 Sep 2016, 11:50
If you have a Turkish bank account there may be a section for buying currency.
Example when I transferred money back to the UK I had to buy Sterling before transferring, in your case it would be buy Euros.
You may be able to find out the rate before you have to click to finalise the transaction.

Failing that I would google `buy back currency` or something similar and see what rates they are offering.

by oldfogy 03 Sep 2016, 13:24
More to the point with regards to the quantity of Euro's you require I think you should be looking at who will give you the better rate, (I think we are assuming a few thousand and sometimes the more you buy the better the rate) maybe even point out to your bank that 'so and so company' is offering a rate of xyz, to see if they will match or better it, after all, everything is negotiable, even banks.

So, a list of money transfer companies needs to be your next step.

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