For non Turkey related matters that do not fit elsewhere
by christella 27 Nov 2016, 09:06
sorry i read it wrong i thought you were banned for ever

bowling is like sex you dont have to be any good at it but you really enjoy it
by oldfogy 27 Nov 2016, 19:39
One of my first complaints when I get back on is to officially complain about Yalimarts disgusting and provocative avatar, of a young skimpily dressed female throwing up. It's disgusting and should not be allowed.
by St Domingo 30 Nov 2016, 20:27
I think Yalimart is one of the more reasonable and fair minded members on TLF which IMO has some members with very disturbing and discriminatory views (that's being polite) and I haven't seen anything recently that changes my mind :D

nil satis nisi optimum
by oldfogy 30 Nov 2016, 21:25
Only a week to go just so frustrating seeing posts but not being able to offer any in put,
but I do also wonder if even being behind a VPN as with the TOR network If I am actually seeing all updated threads either that or there just isn't much going on over there either.

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