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by cozy3pilot 21 Jan 2018, 13:40
Hi All, I just wondered if anyone living in akbuk permanently would like to get a group together to share a small boat and anchor it in the harbour, I have a 5hp british seagul engine, it would be adequate for a small boat. anyone interested, please PM me.
by Shakespeares 23 Jan 2018, 18:35
If I was still there I'd definitely join in! I had a 5m cabin boat with a Mercury 15 but I sold it when we left. The whole coast around Akkbuk and north and south is really interesting and the fishing opportunities are brilliant. More power to your elbow!
by Bugsy 08 Feb 2018, 08:14
Have a chat with some of the guys at Akvaryum (Bill is one) who already have boats, maybe they would consider a shared option. They will certainly be able to advise the latest options available at the Harbour.
We used to keep ours there in the summer, but took it home in the winter to save having to check it in the storms. I would also take the outboard home as a number were stolen a few years ago.
Good Luck.

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