How to get the best out of AA and your computer
by Super Fulham 29 Sep 2020, 00:19
Looking at some new all inclusive place just outside Altinkum . Vernosa?? Anyhow I’d definitely want to visit Altinkum again . I’m mask exempt , would that be a problem ? Do you even have to wear a mask ? Also without help I wouldn’t have been able to post this . Shouldn’t a new post. Be able to do ? Juco didn’t know either . Perhaps if it was easier. The forum might be busier ? Are many bars / restaurants likely to be open ? What about the Wiganer I hear so much about . Had a good. Drink with some Wigan football supporters , good lads . Thanks for help
by ted j 29 Sep 2020, 19:21
Depending on current restrictions of course
Most bars will still be open, as for being mask exempt, make sure you have a doctor's notice and translate it into Turkish as well and carry it with you

Sorry but where the hell is notice board ??
I do not have it anywhere after clicking home
by Juco 30 Sep 2020, 14:40
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

by ted j 30 Sep 2020, 17:36
The way I have found out,it works for me is
View the last post on a subject (any subject), and there at the top of the page is NOTICE BOARD . Forum help
If I click on that then new topic is listed

The Venosa is on the seafront in Yesilkent , the number 4 dolmus stops right outside

PS masks are obligatory everywhere ....I would get a notice translated into Turkish saying you are mask exempt and carry that along with any UK medical proof
by Super Fulham 03 Oct 2020, 23:29
Well glad I didn’t book . Turkey on the list now . Bit of advice. I had booked EasyJet. To Spain on the tenth . They. Cancelled the return flight and offered me. Frectransfer ??? Money back or vouchers plus £5 drinks etc . Or money back ., I went for money back . They’ve now offered me £60 on top of intake vouchers . Bit of a gamble they could go bust. . Bit don’t take first offer . Perhaps I should have waited and got. Better ? Anyone done that ?

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