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by pannacotta 30 Oct 2020, 12:12
We are looking to apply for residency next May. We shall be using Sami as others have done, we met him a year ago with a view of applying this year but thanks to covid were not able to do so. My question is about what savings/income needs to be shown. Have requirements changed now? Advice would be appreciated.
by cookie6 31 Oct 2020, 05:11
I would use Sami first time
Next year letting the immigration office it do it for us
I will sort out our health insurance
All they asked me when the officials visited us was
Did I own the Villa we have - yes
Do you have a income told them how much they was fine with that
They had all my Garanti bank details as I gave them to Sami
They knew I had health insurance

It’s was very easy and quick
by oldfogy 08 Nov 2020, 10:34
ted j wrote:We did our residency this last week
Had booked an appointment with Sami last Monday , didn't know we were going to do the business there and then (thought it was only a preliminary chat about what we needed to bring for the process)
So we went next door and had pictures took , Sami explained that, instead of having to get and pay for a translator from Izmir , we could just go to the PTT and get a code which they (once you show your residency card and passport) send to your mobile , you then sign a form go back To Sami,
Then he takes a copy of your residencies, passports and tapu

He then said "What day is good for you?, Thursday?"........I said yes that's fine
So Thursday we were at Sami's at 9.45 and one of his young ladies escorted us to the GOC offices
Went upstairs and about 5 minutes later they called me in, signed 3 pieces of paper , then got told OK that is it handed the form that says you are legally entitled to stay until your residency card comes through...Kath then got called in and only had to sign 2 papers......when her SGK runs out, we have to go to Sami again to keep it active
Hope this helps

Not entirely sure now but he got me to make a POA for one of hiss staff again saying it would save having to get a translator from Izmir in the future, "but I thought he is/was a translator" or do they now require a registered translator.
OR have I just got married and she will apply for a dual residency. lol

On a slightly different topic, Im still waiting after 5 months to hear anything back from DVLA before it can proceed to the next stage in the process.
by Lyn 08 Nov 2020, 18:51
Sami is not now a recognised translator. We did the paperwork for selling the villa a few days ago and the translator was from Izmir.He took 3/4 minutes to roughly explain what was in the paperwork and we then paid him 1500 TL for the privilege. What a rip-off but that's how it's done nowadays, but if you give Sami the POA, the Izmir translator isn't needed, so saving a lot of money.

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