How to get the best out of AA and your computer
by Super Fulham 18 Nov 2020, 19:33
Say two people in a two bed apartment with communal pool. Would go down the pub once or twice a week , maybe a meal out once a month and a breakfast out once a week . Non smoker and no car . I'd want English tv , good internet and. Mobile phone . If I was cold I'd put the hearing on . Electricity , health care , site fees , and anything else I moght have forgotten . Thanks in advance
by ted j 19 Nov 2020, 07:03
Internet @40 liras a month
healthcare (SGK) 716 lira a month
breakfast 25-45 lira
dinner , up to 100 lira pp (obviously depends on which restaurant)
No idea on site fees
Electric , up to 230 lira a month in summer , up to 550 in winter if it is very cold (this includes a plasma heater in the living room, all lights, 2 tvs, router, booster and 2 firesticks for UK TV , laptop charging electric bike , immersion inside solar tank @ 3 hours a day when no sun , halogen oven electric griller slow cooker wall mounted fan heater in bathroom

Additional costs ...residency (very roughly £1 a day each) gas bottle 130 lira , building and contents and dask insurance (depends on size of building)
mobile phone , get a cheap one on pay as you go , water for drinking , 19 litre bottle 10 lira
We have a villa with private pool so didn't factor that in

BTW, if you have Apple phone/ipad, bring a spare it is impossible to get an actual ipad here , but if you back up your pictures on icloud you can get them back on any tablet or laptop
Ours stopped working , was unrepairable , so ended up getting a Huawei tablet for £165 ....the only thing you lose is facetime as that is exclusively Apple and you can't download Zoom here , so Skype and facebook messenger are the only alternatives

Can't think of anything else

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